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by the hour, day or half day

If you have one or two tasks that need completing or have a few tasks on your 'to'do list, you can hire me for an hour, half a day or a day.


You are invoiced when the service is completed and you also receive a log of time spent.


My hourly rate is £20.

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by retainer

It may be better for you to pay for a set amount of hours each month.


I keep track of my time spent and let you know if you’re nearing your limit.

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10-hour time package

You pay for 10 hours work in advance and use the time as you please. 


When the time is used up, simply purchase another 10-hour time package.


by the project

You may prefer to pay a fixed rate price for a particular task or project, like website design.


We can discuss the best rate for you.


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